How to Remove Duplicate Photos from Folder?

Photos are the best way to save our memories in digital format. As we handle our images, we may create duplicates of the file unknowingly. Moving, copying, or editing the photos may cause multiple file creation. These unnecessary replicated files may occupy a considerable amount of our system space.

Eventually, this can hinder the system’s performance to a significant level. Reduction in the functionality of Windows can influence our working efficiency, so we need to find some means to delete duplicate folder images. Read on to learn how to remove duplicate photos from folders.

Manual Methods for Removing Duplicate Photos

If you are using a Windows PC, the built-in utilities of the system can help you identify and remove duplicate Photos. Continue reading to learn some effective methods to remove duplicate photos from folders.

Using Microsoft Photos Viewer

Windows operating system is available with an effective photo viewer and organizer. Microsoft Photos Viewer can help you handle all the images with ease and comfort. You can use the utility to identify and remove duplicate photos. Use the below steps to clear multiple images available.

Step 1: Open the utility and select the folder from which you want to remove duplicates.

Step 2: Microsoft Photos app will scan and include the photos available in the gallery.

Step 3: When the photos are included, duplicate images will have an icon at the top left corner of the file indicating that it is available multiple times.

Step 4: Locate and select the photos with duplicate icons.

Step 5: Click on the Trash icon at the top right corner to delete the multiple photos.

Using File Explorer

Windows operating system can help you handle all your files with the File Explorer utility. You can use the utility to identify and remove the duplicate images in your folders. Although the method requires more manual work, the tweak is still effective. Let us learn how to delete redundant replicated photos from your device memory.

Step 1: Locate and select the folder from which you want to remove duplicate files.

Step 2: If the folder selected contains images and other files, search for the “Kind” option in the top right search console and choose “Pictures” to search for only images.

Step 3: Navigate to the views tab and choose “Large icons” and the options to view the details of the image.

Step 4: With the “Sort” option, arrange the photos according to the attributes of the images like Name, Size, Date, and many more as per your need.

Step 5: Go through the sorted list of images and select the duplicate photos.

Step 6: Right-click on the selected image and choose the “delete” option.

Using Command Prompt

Windows operating system has different user interface systems, and the command prompt is one among them. The text-based user interface can execute the commands entered with ease and comfort. The same utility can help remove the duplicate files available on your PC. Remember to use the steps below to delete the duplicate files identified manually.

Step 1: Invoke the run tab with the Windows and R key combination.

Step 2: Enter “cmd” in the run tab to initiate the command prompt.

Step 3: Open the folder from which you want to remove duplicate photos and copy the folder link.

Step 4: Move to the command prompt and enter cd/d “Folder Path.”


Step 5: Input the del “* – copy.png” command to delete the identified duplicate photo in the window.

How to Control Duplicate File Creation

We may create multiple images unknowingly when we try to move, copy, or edit a photo. Learning some effective methods to regulate duplicate files is necessary, as accumulating more duplicate files can hinder your Windows system performance. Let us learn some effective means to control duplicate file creation.

  •       Be careful while transferring or sharing your photos. Sending a file twice may create duplicate files.
  •       Identify duplicate files manually by checking the folder for repeated file names.
  •       Organize the files available on your PC to reduce clutter.
  •       You can use cloud memory instead of physical memory to save files, as cloud storage can effectively identify and remove duplicate files.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Alternatively, you can make use of one of the Best Duplicate Photos Fixers to automate the process of searching for duplicate photos. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro can quickly scan the selected folder, driver, or storage device including the cloud storage device, and list out all the found duplicate photos and delete them with just a single click.


Summing Up

Duplicate photos are redundant files we may accidentally create while handling our images. These unnecessary files may occupy a considerable amount of system space and can hinder the performance of your Windows PC.

To address this issue, learning about some efficient methods to clear out redundant files is crucial. We believe the manual method summarized in this blog helped locate and erase duplicate photos from your Windows PC. Contact us without any hesitations for any help in this concern.